The North Brooklyn Boat Club is a nonprofit, volunteer-run community organization. Our mission is to promote human-powered boating on and the environmental restoration of the waterways around Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and the rest of North Brooklyn. NBBC strongly depends on member support through annual dues and volunteer participation.

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Membership Benefits
The benefits of becoming a North Brooklyn Boat Club member are many, including:

  • More chances to paddle with trained NBBC trip leaders! (See our calendar and sign up for our newsletter)
  • Learning paddling, navigation, and safety skills to assist trip leaders and help get more people involved and on the water
  • The opportunity to complete our Official Paddler process, which permits use of club vessels and equipment outside of organized paddles
  • Access to our cabin at ACA Camp Lake Sebago on a beautiful lake in Harriman State Park.  (NOTE:  You must also join the ACA to use Camp Lake Sebago)
  • Attending the annual NBBC meeting
  • Involvement and investment in NBBC’s work to advocate and facilitate water access, human-powered boating, and environmental restoration of the waterways of North Brooklyn

Membership Dues
The 2016 Membership dues are still just $40. We set this lower than two weeks of an MTA Metrocard in the hopes to include as many people as we can as NBBC members. Dues are assessed on an annual basis and cover the period from the start of the season to the end of the season, depending on the weather (historically this has been from May 1st to October 31st). Membership status is reviewed annually before the start of a new dues year. It is important that members abide by NBBC safety protocols and the code of conduct. Membership structures, requirements, and processes are reviewed annually with input from our members to ensure they fit the growing club.