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Meet the Paddlers, Part 1

Everything that happens at NBBC, from sunset paddles to bridge-shaking parties, is powered by our amazing member-volunteers. On the water, our trip leaders, trip assistants, and program volunteers make it possible for NBBC to fulfill its mission: enabling and advocating for human-powered boating on the waterways bordering North Brooklyn.

We want you all to know who they are! If you see any these people around the club or out on the water, say hi, and thank them for volunteering their time and skills to keep North Brooklyn boating! So there’s a new Trip Leaders and Volunteers page on the NBBC website. Here are a couple of the fantastically skilled and generous people that you can learn about there:


Canoe Programming Coordinator
Canoe trip leader

Patterson shows wildlife thriving in the Living Dock to a class from St. Joseph College

Patterson shows off the wildlife thriving in the Living Dock

Q. How did you first find North Brooklyn Boat Club? What’s your origin story as a club member?
A. I discovered the Club at an art event in Whale Creek, called the Newtown Creek Armada, and picked up a card. I joined as some of the last containers were being delivered and found a lot of trips to join, both kayak and canoe.

Q. What kind of background and experience with paddling did you have before you joined, in general and in NYC specifically?
A. Zero, pretty much. As a paddler, I am a happy product of NBBC.

Learning is good!

Q.Tell us about a favorite route or trip that you like to use for club paddles.
A. I am one of those who like going places where you can get out of the boats and do something. Going to Costco or the Greenmarket at Socrates Park embodies everything good about human-powered boating. Hallets Cove beach is an easy pick for that.

And by far the majority of my trips are on Newtown Creek, where the Club is ideally situated as a launch point. The best trips are our weekly Summer Birdwatching trips, definitely. I have become a citizen-scientist and learned enough to be a tour guide — I’m no Mitch Waxman or Willis, but I can introduce people to the Creek if they haven’t been before. Newtown Creek is my backyard, and it’s an endlessly fascinating place to visit.


Vincent B. in his kayak

Vince in his kayak

Kayak Programming Coordinator
Kayak trip leader

Q. What kind of background and experience with paddling did you have before you joined?
A. I had kayaked and canoed before in the Adirondacks with my family as well as fished from a kayak in the Long Island Sound. I had never had any skills training but, being a surfer from Long Island, I grew up loving the water and picking sand out of my ears. I was looking for group of people that shared a belief in environmental protection of our marine ecology. I found it paddling in Brooklyn, NY!

Q. How did you become a trip leader?
A. I wanted to take on a leadership role to bring kayaking to more club members. The trips leaders started me as a trip assistant familiarizing myself with the local waterways. I took it upon myself to get American Canoe Association trip-leading training and started planning and leading trips with other trip leaders until I was able to do it on my own.

Vince surfs it in!

Vince surfs it in!

Learn more about Patterson, Vincent, and other super-skilled and endlessly enthusiastic NBBCers on the Trip Leaders and Volunteers page!

Patterson, Willis, and Brian with a visiting class

Have You Been to the Lake Sebago Cabin Yet?

Sebago Cabin, August 7, 2016

Sebago Cabin, August 7, 2016

NBBC members who are also American Canoe Association members are eligible to stay for up to five consecutive nights at the club’s fantastic lake-side cabin in Harriman State Park. How can you resist? Paddle the lake in one of the canoes or kayaks belonging to the club, or join one of the many ACA paddle classes.
Turtles at Sebago, August 7, 2016

Turtles at Sebago, August 7, 2016

Sebago cabin pathSign up for cabin stays through the NBBC calendar. And find out all the details at the cabin’s page on our website. And if you haven’t joined the ACA, now’s the time! NBBC is a Paddle America Club affiliate of the ACA, and NBBC members receive a discount on ACA membership. And ACA membership lets you use the club’s Sebago cabin and much more. Sign up today.

Join the club. Head for the cabin. Paddle the days away.
Camp Sebago Cove