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These COVID protocols (June 30) supersede all previous:

Unvaccinated members and unvaccinated guests should wear masks and maintain social distance in the boatyard. 

All other COVID-related restrictions are lifted.

These protocols may be updated again this season, and Member input is welcome. In the meantime, please direct general comments or questions to Patterson and Erica

PLEASE, return borrowed Life Vests to the boatyard!

Separate note: Major physical changes to the boatyard should always be run by the “Boatyard Crew” committee, which is the group responsible for the boatyard. Leaders at present include Willis and Patterson. Committee membership is open; we always need more folks who are interested in helping with maintenance and improvements.

Members are still encouraged to repair, fix and improve things as they see fit, in the spirit of common sense and safety.

Please, if something seems major, or is going to be easily visible from the bridge or the street, we’d like to chat first. For example fixed structures, or signage that’s not directional or specific to a NBCB event should be approved. Please contact us both, we’ll help.

The New Explorers discuss Landscape, Exploration and Art

IMG_3896.JPG IMG_3925.JPG IMG_3924.JPG IMG_3915.JPGAuthor Kris Timken presented her book, The New Explorers to a rapt and capacity crowd at the Broadway Stages Boatyard on Sunday. Renowned art writer Lucy R. Lippard and legendary artist (and paddler!) Marie Lorenz joined in the discussion of how women might approach, perceive and express the act and idea of exploration and the art inspired by it in a way that is still fairly new territory in a landscape historically dominated by male discourse and perspective. 30+mph winds prevented Kris and Lucy from rowing in with Marie in her Tide Taxi but there was a lot of talk among those attending about expeditions as soon as the waters warm up. Kris very generously donated the proceeds from sales of her book to NBBC.

Long Winter’s Night at the Boatyard

While the days are short and the water is cold, the boat club is not hibernating! For qualified kayak and canoe paddlers there are trips exploring the frozen reaches of the East River and Newtown Creek. A recent expedition involving our new trailer to Jamaica Bay got postponed because of high winds but more adventures are in the works. In the meantime, there is nautical knitting, a book club, chess, paddle carving and boat restoration! There’s a double-barreled wood-burning stove in the boatshed! Bring an armful of broken furniture and join us!