Clean the Creek and Boatyard this Sunday 11am – 3pm!


Come join us this Sunday as we convene to both clean the boatyard and creek! Before our Sept 20th Fundraiser Party, Rock the Pulaski – we need able and willing hands on deck to clean up and prepare the boatyard. There are a variety of odd jobs for everyone so bring a friend and come lend a hand.

Simultaneously, NBBC will be hosting a continuation of an active Saturday of birdwatching, model boat piloting, and shoreline cleanup on the Queens-side of Newtown Creek as a participating site of the international coastal cleanup day. We will be both dockside and out in canoes collecting and surveying debris floating through our waterways and wedged ashore. Great opportunity to get out in a canoe and add to our ever-growing archive of fascinating flotsam! Gloves, bags, and all other necessary sanitation equipment provided. Open to all (eager scavengers and landside spectators alike).