Expanded COVID-related Paddling & Boatyard Access Protocols

There are only a few weeks left in the paddling season but, with our mission being to get people on the water, we want to offer as much access to paddling as possible while abiding by City/State guidelines and safe practices. It’s important to understand that the new protocols outlined below offer more members the opportunity to paddle but the delivery of kayak and canoe trips remains solely up to our volunteer Trip Leaders as does who and how many paddlers they allow on their trips. This is all by way of saying that, while the protocols have expanded, we cannot guarantee that there will be a significant increase in the number of trips launched in the remaining weeks.

• Number of trip participants: 8
• Trip Leaders, at their discretion, may include any skill category of paddler on their trips.
• Trips will be posted on the calendar for online registration.

Trip Leaders and Boatyard Activity Organizers will question every participant to ensure that none have COVID symptoms nor have been exposed recently to anyone with symptoms.

• PFD protocol: Unused life vests will be on a garment rack in container #1. Used vests will be in large black bag in container #1, clearly marked with the date used. After 3 days minimum, vests from the bags can be returned to the rack.
• All previously applied NBCB COVID protocols, including masks required in the boatyard and sanitizing processes of equipment, remain in effect.
• Boatyard Access: safely distanced, masked members and guests (with members) may participate in gardening, boatyard and boat maintenance.