Greenpoint Community Environmental Funds Awarded to NBBC!

We are thrilled to be included in the first round of GCEF funding!  

The NBBC steering committee spent many, many months, carefully developing various proposals. Each was picked, prodded, and weighed against the others, until they were narrowed down to just three, in two areas: Greenstreets and Community Greening & Environmental Education and Stewardship.

The GCEF received 46 “small grant” proposals. These proposals were reviewed by the State, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the North Brooklyn Development Corporation (who are administers of the fund). You can learn more about the whole process here. We are honored that all three of our projects for this round were selected for funding.

So, without further ado, here is some of what you can look forward to, from the North Brooklyn Boat Club, thanks to NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the  Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund :

  1. North Brooklyn Boat Club will receive $24,660 to fund a “Don’t Put Your Butt in the Creek” campaign. The campaign will focus on raising awareness of, and putting an end to, the problem of inappropriately disposed-of cigarette butts fouling Newtown Creek. The campaign will couple the placement of cigarette disposal containers labeled with “Don’t put your butt in the Creek” outside Greenpoint bars and restaurants with community education and publicity about the problem of cigarette butts in the creek.
  2. North Brooklyn Boat Club will receive $24,693 (and contribute $25,000 in matching funds) to expand their waterways environmental education program. Last summer, the club organized and led bi-weekly public paddle trips for over 400 non-members as well as leading multiple weekly trips for its 250 members. Funding would add two 12-14 person canoes to its current fleet of 25 small boats. These larger, more stable boats would allow the club’s education program to serve Greenpointers of all ages and boating skills. The funds will also be used to develop an environmental curriculum tailored to the local water ways, including environmental history and landmarks. The results will be a significantly larger community of informed and inspired environmental stewards in Greenpoint.
  3. North Brooklyn Boat Club will receive $24,426 (and contribute $3,600 in matching funds) to support ongoing educational programming at the ED Shed. The ED Shed, established in conjunction with LaGuardia Community College, is a hands-on environmental educational and research center with ongoing programs that connect Greenpoint residents to their surrounding waterways. The grant will be used to develop and expand community workshops on marine sciences and aquatic conditions in Newtown Creek and the East River, including water testing, wildlife monitoring, plankton sampling, as well as to create an instructional aquarium that houses local fauna.

These proposals could not have been conceived, or completed without the vision, passion, and dedication of our growing membership and volunteers. If these projects excite you, or spark ideas you’d like to share – we look forward to seeing you at the boatyard.

In aqua sanitas!