NBBC and Headstrong

NBBC is proud to continue its involvement with Headstrong, a program affiliated with Cornell Medical Center that works with veterans to “provide completely confidential, cost free, bureaucracy free, state of the art care to heal the wounds of war.” Outdoor activities and, particularly, the teamwork and protocols around paddling are considered therapeutic for vets with PTSD symptoms. To give us a better sense of what Headstrong is and how NBBC fits into the work they do with veterans, the directors of Headstrong are coming to the boatyard to present the program and answer questions. A useful orientation for any member interested in volunteering in this extraordinary program.


Headstrong Orientation: Weds, June 29, 6:30pm

Headstrong Paddle Program: Saturday, July 9, Noon – 4pm (includes Hallet’s Cove paddle: High Slack @ 14:31)

Contact Dewey Thompson for more info

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