Newtown Creek Dredging

If you’ve been by the Creek in recent days, you may have noticed some extra activity.

photo courtesy of Newtown Creek Alliance

photo courtesy of Newtown Creek Alliance

Newtown Creek is being dredged to make way for the sludge barge which will service the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment facility from its new dock on Whale Creek.

The DEP is taking safety concerns seriously and asks that any noise or odor complaints be reported to 311.

See their press release, for more information.

While the Newtown Creek dredging will impact Boathouse programming, due to safety issues created by heavy ship traffic during this operation, we support this important work. First, we recognize Newtown Creek as the birthplace of the industrial revolution in North America, and are thrilled that it continues to be a working water-way that supports local jobs and industry. Second, as an organization with an environmental mission, we recognize shipping is the most carbon-efficient form of transportation. Improvements to shipping infrastructure supports more shipping. More shipping mean less trucking. Less trucking means less CO2 in our atmosphere. Less CO2 means less warming. Less warming means less sea level rise.

In aqua sanita!