Official Paddler Status

In New York City it can be quite difficult and often expensive to own, store, and transport a personal boat. As a community boating organization we aim to lessen such burdens through sharing resources, equipment, and boats via our public events, guided paddles, and official club paddler status. To become an official club paddler there are four prerequisites:

  1. Membership: Be a current NBCB member.
  2. Experience: Paddle with us and be observed by an NBCB trip leader on a minimum of 5 trips (the last trip you plan and lead under observation).
  3. Skills: Complete assessment of level 2 skills by American Canoe Association or equivalent.
  4. Knowledge: Review and pass our local waterway knowledge test.
  5. Volunteering: All Official Paddlers must be active volunteers and dedicated to furthering NBCB’s public and member programming.Significant volunteer work is required to maintain Official Paddler privileges.

This process can take some time and dedication but once approved by our trip leaders one will gain access to our fleet of kayaks and canoes for responsible personal use outside of scheduled events. The process is meant to educate and engage a broader audience that can in turn help others get on the water in an easy and responsible fashion. Full details on our safety protocols can be viewed here.