Paddle Gallery: 2016

The photo galleries on this page come from members’ pictures from club paddles. NBBC members are invited to send any pictures from club trips to so that we can add them to the gallery. Please include the date of the paddle, the trip leader, and any other information you think might be helpful.

We’ve documented so many great trips that we have had to break up the Paddle Gallery. This page shows the 2016 trips. For full navigation, see the main Paddle Gallery page.

Quick links:Cormorant off the NBBC dock, 10/31/2016

Canoe: Old Place Creek, Staten Island

October 31, 2016
Official Paddler Paddle

Canoe: Newtown Creek

October 21, 2016
Official Paddler Paddle

Canoe: Bushwick Inlet

October 18, 2016
Trip leader: Ros

Canoe: Bushwick Inlet

October 16, 2016
Official Paddler Paddle

Canoe (and one kayak!): Roosevelt Island Circ

October 12, 2016
Trip leader: Peter

The Manhattan Circ 2016!

October 1-2, 2016
Trip leaders: Klaus and Vincent, kayaks; Erica and Ros, canoes
Around your insular city of the Manhattoes, belted round by wharves as Indian isles by coral reefs . . .

Kayak: Beginners

August 5, 2016
Trip leader: Robert

Canoe: City Lights Roosevelt Island Circ

August 29, 2016
Trip leader: Brian

Canoe: City Lights DUMBO trip

August 24, 2016
Trip leader: Brian

Canoe: Roosevelt Island Circ

August 15, 2016
Trip leader: Brian

Canoe: Bushwick Inlet Paddle

August 8, 2016
Trip leader: Brian
Trip assistant: Bagpipe

Canoe: Randalls Island Circ

August 7, 2016
Trip leader: Patterson

Canoe: To the Bitter End! English Kills

July 21, 2016
Trip leader: Klaus R.