Free Public Paddling! Viaje en kayaks y canoes gratis!

No experience needed!  ¡No se necesita experiencia!

Public Paddles are the heart of North Brooklyn Community Boathouse, a chance to show the community that the waters belong to all of us and to help our friends and neighbors find the same joy in paddling that we all know.

Trips are 30 minutes long. led by trained Trip Leaders and are either in big canoes (up to 12 paddlers!) or sit-on-top kayaks which seat 1 or 2 people.  For kayaks, there is a minimum height requirement of 4’10” in order to ensure the kayak will remain balanced. There is no size requirement for canoes. 

Only unvaccinated adults must wear masks (both in the boatyard and on water).

¡La temporada 2021 arranca con un Pádel Público! Los Public Paddles son el corazón del North Brooklyn Community Boathouse, una oportunidad para mostrarle a la comunidad que las aguas nos pertenecen a todos y ayudar a nuestros amigos y vecinos a encontrar la misma alegría en el remo que todos conocemos.

Los viajes duran 30 minutos y utilizarán kayaks con capacidad para uno o dos personas. Hay un requisito de altura mínima de 4’10 ” para garantizar que el kayak se mantenga equilibrado.  Sin minimos de talla para las canoes.  

Las mascaras son necesarias si no esta vacunado.

Public Paddle, June 1, 2019

We are also looking for volunteers! If you’re interested please email and let us know if you can pitch in.

Para ser voluntario, por favor envíe un correo electrónico:

No experience is necessary. We are looking for help with:

  • Setting up the event
  • Waivers, PFDs, and dock help
  • Greeting the public
  • End of event packing up

Hope to see you there!

This year’s upcoming schedule (subject to change; please check our Calendar of Events):

NBCB sincerely thanks the Greenpoint Community Environment Fund and the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for financial support for our Public Paddle series.


The Public Paddles Are Back for 2021!

A new old name, a new old home, and a new season for North Brooklyn Community Boathouse

You know us as North Brooklyn Boatclub, but we are going with our original name: North Brooklyn Community Boathouse. Because we are YOUR community boating organization, and our mission is to enable access to and encourage stewardship of the local waters among YOU, our local community.

We missed you in 2020! And we are thrilled to announce that our Public Paddle series is back for 2021!

And even better, we are launching the public paddles from our old boatyard at 51 Ash St., just against the Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn!

The six Public Paddles already scheduled will alternate between our gorgeous 29′ Langley canoes and a new fleet of sit-on-top kayaks!

Our current COVID protocols require only those who are not (yet) vaccinated to wear a mask while in the boatyard or in the boats.

This year’s remaining schedule (subject to change; please check our Calendar of Events):

Public paddles are free and open to everyone. We especially hope to welcome our Greenpoint neighbors and members of other community organizations. Come down to the park and talk to your neighbors. Together, let’s learn more about Greenpoint’s history, environmental challenges and successes, and residents. Get out on the water and see the neighborhood as you never have before!

Paddle instruction before hitting the water!

Paddling is free! Our public paddles are child and pet friendly (kayaks have a height minimum of 4′ 10″ and no pets on board, although both children and pets are welcome in the boatyard!) Check our website in the morning in case of inclement weather.

Got it?

We can’t wait to see you!

Blue skies, full boats–can’t lose!

NBCB sincerely thanks the Greenpoint Community Environment Fund and the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for financial support for our Public Paddle series.

Public paddle, August 19, 2017


These COVID protocols (June 30) supersede all previous:

Unvaccinated members and unvaccinated guests should wear masks and maintain social distance in the boatyard. 

All other COVID-related restrictions are lifted.

These protocols may be updated again this season, and Member input is welcome. In the meantime, please direct general comments or questions to Patterson and Erica

PLEASE, return borrowed Life Vests to the boatyard!

Separate note: Major physical changes to the boatyard should always be run by the “Boatyard Crew” committee, which is the group responsible for the boatyard. Leaders at present include Willis and Patterson. Committee membership is open; we always need more folks who are interested in helping with maintenance and improvements.

Members are still encouraged to repair, fix and improve things as they see fit, in the spirit of common sense and safety.

Please, if something seems major, or is going to be easily visible from the bridge or the street, we’d like to chat first. For example fixed structures, or signage that’s not directional or specific to a NBCB event should be approved. Please contact us both, we’ll help.

North Brooklyn Community Boathouse Statement on Black Lives Matter

The North Brooklyn Community Boathouse, Inc. (North Brooklyn Boat Club) stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and against systemic racism and police brutality. We support the demands for justice for Black and Indigenous communities and all communities of color.

NBCB is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive paddling community that is also an effective force for the ecological stewardship of our harbor and estuary. We acknowledge that there is much more that our organization can do to attain these goals. We must reflect on our structure, priorities, and programs and ultimately move beyond diversity and inclusion to work that helps bring justice and better lives to the communities we serve. We acknowledge that the historical legacy of segregated outdoor recreational activities persists in the boating community, and we will work to counter it.

We commit to ongoing discussions facilitated by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee about the role of our organization in addressing issues of race, privilege, equity, justice, and the environment. The goal is to develop tangible antiracist actions that we can take as an organization to improve our own practices and positively affect our communities, the neighborhood, and NYC. We invite all interested members and neighborhood residents to join us. We pledge to seek out communities that have been especially cut off from access to and connection with the local waterways and to center Black and Indigenous communities and communities of color in our outreach and programming. Please watch our website and e-mail newsletter or contact to get involved.

As a community group dedicated to environmental justice, we join our partners at the Newtown Creek Alliance, the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, and others in demanding a drastic reallocation of the City budget to benefit Black communities and communities of color by providing services such as education, health care, housing, pollution mitigation, and green jobs.

The North Brooklyn Community Boathouse wants to be the community boathouse for all those affected by and connected to our urban waterways. We have always tried to provide celebration and joy as well as historical, cultural, and ecological information. We look forward to working together to create and enjoy more accessible and healthier waterways and a better, fairer world.