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Greenpoint Gazette: Canoeists Explore North Brooklyn’s Waters

Photo by Megan Soyars/Greenpoint Gazette

Photo by Megan Soyars/Greenpoint Gazette

“On Saturday, August 4th, a group of canoeists could be seen paddling peacefully down the East River at sunset. It was the North Brooklyn Boat Club (NBBC) on their first open canoe paddle of the season, offering local residents a rare chance to reconnect to their waterways.

“It should be an awesome trip to a very unique—and otherwise inaccessible—location on the North Brooklyn coast,” said NBBC committee member Will Elkins, who helped navigate the trip, along with fellow member Bleecker Wheeler.

The canoeists took off from the NBBC’s interim boathouse on 49 Ash Street for the three-hour excursion. After being skilled in safety basics, they paddled down North Brooklyn’s coastline to the Bushwick Inlet.”

“Participants of all experience levels enjoyed the paddle. For several, this was their first time in a canoe. “I’ve been kayaking before, but never canoeing, so I wanted to try this out,” said Wynne of Sunnyside, Queens. Wynne and others enjoyed learning several new paddle maneuvers thanks to Elkin’s adept instruction.

Many canoeists were glad to leave the hustle and bustle of city life far behind them on shore. “It’s wonderful out on the water, away from cars honking—all that noise,” explained Fung Lim, an NBBC member.

Once at the Inlet, the crew stopped for a brief dinner and watched the sun set along the city skyline, a magnificent view that can only be experienced from the water. They also listened as Elkins described the waterway’s storied history.”

Canoeists Explore North Brooklyn’s Waters – Greenpoint Gazette (August 9, 2012)