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NBBC Is Hiring: Environmental Education Coordinator

Patterson shows wildlife thriving in the Living Dock to a class from St. Joseph College

Wildlife thriving in the Living Dock

Job Description

The North Brooklyn Boat Club (NBBC) is seeking a part-time Environmental Education Coordinator to oversee educational programming throughout the summer and fall season of 2017. NBBC offers marine-based education to visiting school groups, community organizations and the general public through land-based activities at our headquarters in Greenpoint and on-water canoe tours. We are seeking a motivated self-starter to conduct outreach, handle administrative duties, maintain our educational space and run on-land programming. The Coordinator will report to the Board of Directors and also help coordinate our dedicated volunteers in running educational programming.


Outreach to existing and new educational, community and corporate partners in scheduling and offering environmental education programming at the North Brooklyn Boat Club’s boatyard. Tasks include outreach and scheduling, coordination with volunteers and running marine based education programming using established NBBC lessons plans and activities.

Work Schedule & Compensation

  • 15 hours per week, May 1 through October 31
  • Availability to work on weekends is a high priority; scheduling is flexible
  • Possibility of additional hours depending on funding availability
  • $20 per hour


  • Highly motivated and self-driven with ability to work well with others
  • A natural communicator with experience in community outreach and engagement
  • Experience working with groups of all ages in educational setting
  • Background in marine or earth sciences is a plus
  • Must be comfortable in small boats, willing to learn basic paddle skills. Canoe experience is a plus
  • Familiarity with Greenpoint/Williamsburg neighborhoods is a plus

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to info@northbrooklynboatclub.org. Resume should include 2 or 3 references. Position will remain open until filled.

About NBBC

The North Brooklyn Boat Club is a 501c(3) non-profit organization located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. NBBC is dedicated to enabling and advocating for human-powered boating on the waterways bordering Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn. The organization enables local citizens to be effective stewards of the ecology and so preserve the recreation and freedom that the waterways engender. Since 2012, NBBC has safely taken thousands of people out onto local waterways and run environmental educational programming for dozens of schools and educational groups. More info on NBBC Environmental Education here.

Celebrating the Wildlife of Newtown Creek

Canada goose, East River, May 2014. Photo by Klaus S.

Canada goose, East River, May 2014. Photo by Klaus S.

We Are Not Alone . . .

On most Fridays this summer, NBBC trip leaders have organized birdwatching paddles on Newtown Creek. These trips along the heavily industrialized and abused waterway have made it clear how resilient the birds of New York are and how they find a way to thrive even in the toughest circumstances.

A great egret in Dutch Kill

A great egret in Dutch Kill

Dutch Kills, which in the language of the indigenous inhabitants of Greenpoint was called “bears’ watering place,” is one of the most polluted sections of the creek, slow to cleanse from spills and overflows, but it is home and resting place for great egrets, black-crowned night heron, yellow-crowned night heron, green heron, plovers, cormorants, geese, and many other birds.
Great egret, in Dutch Kills, Birdwatching Paddle, August 5, 2016

Great egret in Dutch Kills, Birdwatching Paddle, August 5, 2016

We share the waterways of New York with many creatures, and many of these would remain mysteries if we were not out on the water, exploring our home in order to see the it anew and know it in new ways, as if for the first time.
A great egret spotted through binoculars on a Newtown Creek paddle, July 7, 2016

A great egret spotted through binoculars on a Newtown Creek paddle, July 7, 2016

And sometimes the charismatic megafauna is in the boat with us!
Bushwick Inlet Paddle, August 8, 2016

Bushwick Inlet Paddle, August 8, 2016