Water Quality Event

Sarah Durand

On September 30, 2012 NBBC hosted a public event dedicated to stewardship of our local water bodies and improving water quality across neighborhoods, regions and nations. The event featured free walk up paddle opportunities on Newtown Creek followed by presentations from a number of local organizations including the Newtown Creek Alliance, Riverkeeper, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and New York City Water Trails Association.

Most importantly the event marked the arrival of the Capital to Capitol by Canoe expedition to NYC. A project of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, this 1800 kilometer paddle traveled the rivers, lakes, canals, harbours and bays from Ottawa to Washington D.C. in a 34 foot voyageur canoe. The expedition crew stayed at the boatyard and was joined by NBBC’s own Will Elkins for the remainder of their paddle to Washington D.C.

Much thanks to presenters Roland Lewis, Nancy Brous, Rob Buchanan, Phillip Museagaas, Kate Zidar, Sarah Durand, Elias Dueker, Max Finkelstein and Clive Doucet!